Honoring the Flag of the United States of America is a cherished tradition practiced by our military and Veterans.  The VFW Post 12163 Honor and Color Guard is proud to carry on this tradition, and made up of volunteer Veterans associated with the Post.  We are able to assist formal requests for U.S. Flag Presentations to school and community organizations, marching in parades, or displaying the National Colors at various local Memorials, schools and community events.  Please CONTACT US if there are any requests.

The VFW Post 12163 Honor and Color Guard carries the National Colors, with the possibility of other flags appropriate to their position in the chain of command, such as the Post and service flags (i.e. Army, Marines, Navy, or Air Force).  In addition to the flag bearers, who are positioned in the center of the color guard, we may provide two other members who carry rifles to guard the colors. 

Public law, Title 10, United states Code, section 1491, provides that all Veterans who served their country in military service under honorable conditions are entitled to military funeral honors which are defined as: "The ceremonial paying of respect and the final demonstration of the country’s gratitude to those who, in times of war and peace, have faithfully defended our nation”.  The Department of Defense and the Veteran’s Administration have authorized Veteran’s organizations such as the VFW to conduct military funeral honors at a Veteran’s funeral services.

VFW Post 12163 Honor and Color Guard may provide military honors at all Veteran funerals, memorial services and celebrations of life, as requested by their families.  The ceremony includes an Honor and Color Guard member from the Veteran's branch of service presenting a folded flag to the family.  If one is not available from the Veteran’s branch of service, another member may perform the ceremony of folding and presenting the flag.

The VFW Post 12163 Honor and Color Guard volunteers are distinguished by their black and white uniforms.  While we do not charge for these services, we do accept donations, the proceeds of which are used to offset expenses for uniforms, equipment and other expenses incurred by the volunteers.
As part of Military Funeral Honors, U.S. Veterans are able to complete VA Form  27-2008 - APPLICATION FOR UNITED STATES FLAG FOR BURIAL PURPOSES.  It is encouraged that forms be prepared with your DD Form 214 attached, and kept in a secured place so that your family members have quick access when they are needed.  For VFW Post 12163 members and all eligible Veterans located in Australia, forms are able to be submitted to the closest U.S. Consulate General or Embassy.

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